Admission requirements

In addition to the legally established admission requirements, we ask for a number of qualities that can help you to become a successful game designer.

    You need to be: 

    • Creative 
    • A problem solver 
    • Entrepreneurial 
    • Team-work oriented 
    • A multi-modal communicator 
    • In love with making games (not only with playing them!) 

    For this programme, the admission requirements are: 

    N+T > admissible                  
    N+G > admissible 
    E+M > admissible 
    C+M > wisA or wisB 

    N+T > admissible                  
    N+G > admissible 
    E+M > admissible 
    C+M > admissible 

    mbo 4 > admissible, except for the following programmes: 

    • Handel en ondernemerschap 
    • Economie en administratie 

    21+ Arrangement

    If you are Dutch and do not meet the admission requirements, but you are aged 21 or over, you may appeal to the 21+ arrangement. Please contact