Application procedure

Make sure you follow the right application procedure.

Do you have a diploma from a Dutch education institution (diplomas from the Netherlands Antilles not included)? Please follow the application procedure below, even if you don't have Dutch nationality. 

Do you have a diploma from a Non-Dutch educational institution (educational institutions from the Netherlands Antilles included)? Please follow the application procedure for international students, even if you have Dutch nationality. 

Dutch students

Make sure you register before 1 May.

The Bachelor of Science Tourism programme is offered jointly by Wageningen University and Breda University of Applied Sciences. Application and registration for this programme goes through Wageningen University. At the Wageningen website you can find all information about the application procedure (information is in Dutch).

Matching procedure

Every Dutch prospective student who applies for the Bachelor of Science Tourism will be required to fill in an online matching questionnaire after applying in Studielink. The purpose of this questionnaire is to establish whether your motivation matches the nature and content of the study programme.

After having filled in the online questionnaire, you will receive a matching recommendation from us. In most cases, the outcome will be positive. However, if we have any doubts about your motivation for and potential to succeed in this university study programme, we will send you a personal explanation and recommendation. After all, we would like to help everyone make the right choices.

For more information about the matching procedure (information is in Dutch) please check the Wageningen University website
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