After your Bachelor of Science Tourism

After the Bachelor of Science Tourism you can decide whether to find a job or carry on studying - at masters level.

Get a job

The Bachelor of Science Tourism prepares you for a broad range of MSc programs or direct career opportunities. With strong knowledge of sustainable tourism development, graduates entered careers in the domains of Leisure & Tourism; Environmental Sciences; Society & Culture; Economics & Management, and International Development.

More than 4% of the world's economy is driven by tourism, and more than 8% of all of the jobs in the world are related to tourism.

As a Bachelor of Science Tourism graduate, you can find a job in:

  • Strategic Tourism Management
  • Tourism Marketing, Sales & Product development 
  • Tourism Policy-Making 
  • Tourism Research & Consultancy

Work is carried out from a broader conceptual perspective than that of a future practice-oriented marketeer, project leader or entrepreneur. 

Obtain a Master's Degree

After finishing your Bachelor of Science Tourism you may choose to continue your education in master's programmes in tourism, international development, economics & management, or environment & landscape. Our graduates have enrolled in more than 35 different master studies at over 20 different universities domestically and abroad.

Related master's programmes at Wageningen University

(unconditional admission)

  • MSc Leisure, Tourism and Environment (2 years)

(in combination with related BSc minor)

  • MSc Management, Economics and Consumer Studies (minor management studies)
  • MSc International Development Studies (minor international development studies)
  • MSc Environmental Sciences (minor environmental sciences)
  • MSc Forest and Nature Conservation (minor forest and nature conservation)
  • MSc Health and Society (minor communication, health and society)

Related master's programmes at Breda University of Applied Sciences

(unconditional admission)

Related master's programmes at other universities

(additional requirements may be applicable)

  • MSc Marketing Management (Tilburg University)

  • MSc Communication Studies (University of Amsterdam)
  • MSc Human Geography (Radboud University)
  • MSc Sports Events Management (Leeds Beckett University, UK)
  • MSc Economics and Management of Tourism (University of Venice, Italy)
  • MSc Tourism and Regional Planning (KU Eichstätt-Ingolstadt, Germany)
  • MSc Sustainable Development Studies (Linköping University, Sweden)
  • MSc International Community Development (Northwest University, Australia)
  • MSc Marine Development & Protection (Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, UK)

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