Partnership between BUas and Maastricht University renewed

30 januari 2019


More BUas students to obtain their MSc at Maastricht University

Last Friday, the renewal of the partnership agreement between the Academic Pre-master in Strategic Business Management & Marketing (SBM) of Breda University of Applied Sciences and the School of Business and Economics of the University of Maastricht (MU) was officially sealed by Elisabeth Minnemann and Peter Møllgaard, dean of University of Maastricht School of Business and Economics (SBE).

This renewed covenant will enable more students of the BUas Academic Pre-master SBM to obtain their MSc degree at the University of Maastricht. For more than 10 years now, students from the BUas Academic Pre-master SBM have been able to benefit from MU’s high reputation, since SBM graduates have direct access to the institution’s SBE’s Master of Science programmes. Every year, an evaluation meeting is held to monitor and discuss the results of the BUas students in the several Master of Science programmes of UM.

High performance
During this year’s meeting, the results of the SBM students have shown again that our students perform very well at the Master of Science level, and that SBM is the perfect preparation to start an SBE Master of Science programme. The results also show the success of SBM students in Double Degree of Network Programmes, for which students need to be selected at UM. Both parties are very satisfied with this collaboration and have decided to renew the partnership agreement for another 5 years, to reassure the academic ambitions of future BUas Pre-master SBM students.

Deepened collaboration
At Friday’s meeting, in an easygoing atmosphere of sharing experiences and ideas, it was decided to deepen the collaboration, and broaden it up to future research collaboration of mutual research themes. Additionally, opportunities for guest lectures and collaboration of lecturers were discussed.

More information on the BUas Pre-master SBM and the UM SBE Master of Science programmes can be found here and on