The results of the HBO-Monitor 2018 were published last week. This annual survey among recent graduates of Dutch universities of applied sciences provides a detailed overview of alumni satisfaction levels with their degree programmes and their positions in the national employment market.

Where are they working and what do they earn? Were they adequately prepared for their professional careers by their HBO institutes? The information in the HBO-Monitor is useful to Breda University of Applied Sciences in its ongoing efforts to monitor and strengthen the position of BUas graduates in the labour market. The HBO-Monitor is conducted by the ROA at Maastricht University (Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market). The current HBO-Monitor results were drawn from the academic year of 2016-2017. A total of 450 alumni of Breda University of Applied Sciences took part in the survey this year, which adds up to a 33% response rate.

Satisfaction with degree programme

Graduate satisfaction with their BUas degree programme – eighteen months after graduation - is fairly high: 73%. Moreover, 72% of the respondents would choose the same degree programme at Breda University of Applied Sciences again and a similar percentage would recommend studying at BUas to friends and relatives.

Job market entry

A degree of Breda University of Applied Sciences is a good starting point for entering the job market, according to 58% of the respondents. What’s more, an impressive 71% of the 2016-2017 graduates reported that BUas also provides a solid basis for continued competency development in the future. As for alignment between education and the workplace, 73% of the respondents are of the opinion that this alignment is good, which compares favourably to last year’s percentage of 66%.

The unemployment percentage (7.9%) among alumni of Breda University of Applied Sciences is not significantly higher or lower than that among alumni of comparable degree programmes (7.1%). The overall national results revealed an increase in unemployment among HBO graduates for the first time in five years (from 3.2% to 3.6%). Most likely, this is due to a slightly decreased shortage on the labour market. Nonetheless, it turned out that HBO graduates in all industries find their first job faster than they did in previous years. Only 3.5% of all BUas graduates were unemployed for more than 12 months before finding their first job.

According to quite a few respondents, room for improvement can be found in the items of preparation for one’s professional career and provision of information on career prospects by Breda University of Applied Sciences.

Current job

The percentage of respondents satisfied with their current job is 66%. Moreover, 78% of the respondents reported that their job level matches their education level.  The average gross hourly salary  has increased to 13.27 euro (as against 12.69 euro in 2017), which is in line with the national average. Of the BUas graduates who took part in the survey, 46% have a permanent employment contract. Last year, this percentage was only 39%. 

BUas results versus national results

We are very proud that alumni rate their overall experience of Breda University of Applied Sciences so well. With particularly high scores for the items of ‘(very) satisfied with degree programme’, ‘would choose degree at same university of applied sciences’ and ‘would recommend degree to friends and relatives’, we did significantly better than our national counterparts. 

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