BUas host EPC 2019

30 april 2019

Wednesday 24 April, many international game developers and game students gathered at the Everything Procedural Conference (EPC) at Breda University of Applied Sciences. During the third edition of this popular event, the attendees had plenty of opportunity to make acquaintance, strengthen relations and share knowledge with others in the world of games. Moreover, they got the opportunity to listen to seven expert lecturers in the field of Procedural Content Generation.

To outsiders Procedural Content Generation (PCG) sometimes is hard to define. In short, it is a way of creating virtual worlds by use of algorithms as opposed to manually. In games, PCG is used to create objects and textures, resulting in smaller file sizes, more content and more varied gameplay. 

Making connections

However, this BUas conference is about more than just the future of PCG; this annual event also builds bridges in many ways. "It brings together game art, design and programming under one roof," according to organiser and BUas lecturer Bojan Endrovski. "And, very importantly, it is a great opportunity for industry and students to meet and share knowledge as well."

Since the beginning, the internationally oriented conference has the interest of leading studios in the games industry such as Ubisoft, Guerrilla Games and 2K, who were all represented at the conference. "Years ago, when PCG in games was still in its infancy, we saw the potential of this topic," co-organiser of EPC and lecturer Ronny Franken says. "As a consequence, BUas earned its expert status on this subject, which explains the popularity of our event." 


EPC is open to students in game-related studies and professionals in the field of Video Games, Game Development, Computer Graphics and Procedural Content Generation and is of interest to anyone who wants to obtain insight into how current and future games are made.​

Learn more about Everything Procedural 2019: www.everythingprocedural.com