Kerk in Etten-Leur

Zicht op Evenwicht (Insight into Balance)

Mapping out methods to measure visitor flows and liveability for the municipality of Etten-Leur.

Many cities and regions that are faced with growing tourism are looking for tools that can help them manage visitors and visitor flows and the consequent impacts on liveability. In this process, it is of crucial importance to have an as accurate and real-time (or predictive) as possible insight into visitor volumes, visitor flows and visitor impacts, as well as an insight into perceptions and sentiments among both visitors and residents.

In the tools already available for this purpose, very limited use of (big) data is made. Although these sources may potentially offer many useful insights, accessing them or using them effectively turns out to be difficult due to a lack of understanding of the (im)possibilities of data, the practical requirements and the costs.

In this project we want to obtain an insight into the measurement methods that are available in order to develop tourism policy in Etten-Leur on the basis of the insights to be gained from the data. With this approach, the research partners aim to develop a dashboard that can also be used in other situations, nationally and internationally.


May – December 2021


RWB Regio West-Brabant

Supported by funding from the Research & Development Fund of Regio West-Brabant


Van Gogh Sites Foundation, Van Gogh church Etten-Leur, municipality of Etten-Leur, Visit Brabant, Oisterwijk.


Rapport Zicht op Evenwicht (in Dutch)

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