The Control Towers concept

What are control towers all about - a hype or will they rule tomorrow’s supply chain?

To keep up with rising customer demands, supply chains require increased levels of collaboration and visibility and Control Tower concepts can provide this.

But what is a Control Tower and what can it do?  The project DOC4CT gave an answer to that and elaborated on the very versatile and upcoming concept of Control Towers. They were looked at from different angles, in terms of the level of integration, geographical scope, focus areas, level of outsourcing, time window level, etc. The project produced a game and learning materials specifically meant for logistics professionals and students in logistics-orientated education.

The scope of the project did not stop at studying  Control Tower technology alone. When using Control Towers, an organisation needs to adapt as well, changing to new ways of working, using more data, having less time and delivering at higher quality levels. The human resource aspect was addressed as well, since logistics professionals need to acquire different skills and knowledge, new competences and increased capabilities.




TKI Dinalog and NWO


Atlantis, Deltago, Boostlogix, Breda University of Applied Sciences


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