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Competencies for a circular economy

C-4CE accelerates the circular economy in the border region by stimulating the development of required competencies.

Interreg - Vlaanderen- Nederland

For this purpose, we uncover the competency needs of employers, identify relevant training courses and educational programmes, and help education providers to meet these needs. As a result, the alignment between labour market and employers is improved and future-proofed.

The transition to a circular economy (CE) can only succeed if professionals possess the required competencies.

Governments expect that the CE will generate a lot of employment. At the moment, however, very few educational programmes are offered in the field of the CE in the south of the Netherlands and in Flanders. Existing educational offerings primarily have a general and introductory character, are mainly technology driven and are focused on the circular application of materials.

The CE, however, is broader and is not just about process technology and the use of commodities and materials, but also about value creation and value capture via circular business models.


C-4CE wants to connect to current events and focus on a broader spectrum of competencies for the CE, reaching the full range of employees (from operational to managerial levels) and ensuring that employers’ CE needs align with the competencies available within – or to be developed within - the labour market.


Integration of Challenge-Based Learning into an online community platform for Circular Economy (Ellie.Connect). Organizations can place their challenge online to receive feedback from other organizations and can organize and participate in Challenge-Based Learning sessions. Also, organizations can search through a database containing education and training programs on Circular Economy in the Netherlands and Flanders.


01 May 2021 - 31 December 2022


Interreg Vlaanderen-Nederland


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