E-Cycling intelligence

Does the e-bike offer new opportunities to get people out of their car and onto (e-)bikes?

This research explores the effects of people changing over from cars to electric bikes on their daily commute. The e-bike has advantages over the regular bicycle as far as comfort and speed is concerned. This would make it more attractive to commute by bike. To what extent does switching over to the e-bike lead to a long-term behavioural change?

Does switching over to e-bikes influence people’s welfare and their degree of satisfaction? To what degree would wind, rain and temperature influence their choice to commute by bike? Furthermore, behavioural-psychological aspects play a part in changing over: what do people expect to be doing, and what are they actually doing? People do want to switch over, but are they really going to do so, and is there a difference between types of people?

For this research, over 800 participants in a bicycle promotion programme in the province of North Brabant were followed in their behavioural change for a year (through online surveys and GPS measuring). From this unique data set we can learn what works and what does not work in terms of consistently influencing behaviour.


Utrecht University


You can find more info on https://pure.buas.nl/en/projects/e-cycling-intelligence

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