BUas brings prestigious World Leisure Congress to the Netherlands

17 October 2019


Today, 17 October 2019, the Board of Directors of the World Leisure Organization (WLO) has announced in China that Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) is going to organise the international World Leisure Congress (WLC) in 2024.

The congress will last four days, will be visited by hundreds of guests from around the world, and the theme of this edition will be ‘Leisure for a better society’.

The World Leisure Congress is an initiative of the World Leisure Organization. WLO is a global organisation in the field of leisure and is recognised by the United Nations. It works together with scientists, governments and entrepreneurs on knowledge development and education that contribute to the recognition of the right to free time and quality of life for each individual in the world. This leading congress takes place biennially, each time in another country. In 2020, its host will be China and in 2022 it will be New Zealand.

By submitting a bid, BUas, in cooperation with the Centre of Expertise in Leisure, Tourism and Hospitality of The Netherlands (CELTH) and Rotterdam Partners, announced its candidacy for organising the 2024 congress. The host cities of the congress are Rotterdam and Breda. It is an honour that a small country like The Netherlands, with the most opportunities per square metre worldwide, was given the opportunity to organise this congress. Both Breda and Rotterdam are perfectly suitable for hosting this event given their location, accessibility and facilities.

As a quality institute, Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) will take care of the programme as regards content in collaboration with partner CELTH. With inspiring lectures, guest lectures and workshops with the central theme ‘Leisure for a better society’ and seen from a social, economic and sustainable perspective. With CELTH and its partner institutions from across the Netherlands, the programme will also partly focus on visiting leisure developments in various cities and regions in the Netherlands, including the Dutch coast.

Within BUas, Yvonne Klerks and Marcel Bastiaansen from Leisure & Events left for the World Leisure Expo in China to attend the event announcing the WLC 2024. Yvonne Klerks: “For some years, Breda University of Applied Sciences has been recognised by the World Leisure Organization as a World Leisure Center of Excellence. The Center of Excellence programme revolves around the recognition of international academic master’s programmes excelling in educational quality and making a distinctive contribution to global development of knowledge in the field of leisure. So, organising the World Leisure Congress in collaboration with our partners will be a unique opportunity for Breda University of Applied Sciences to share this knowledge with academics from all over the world and the business community in and around the Netherlands.”