Sharing our expert knowledge

26 March 2019


The outcomes of our in-depth study in Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Berlin, Munich, Barcelona and Lisbon conducted by Dr Ko Koens and Prof Albert Postma were presented at the UNWTO summit on Urban Tourism in Seoul in 2018 and became available as a UNWTO handbook. The second volume of this handbook was proudly presented at recent ITB 2019 in Berlin. 

ITB is the biggest tourism fair in the world, offering an extended conference programme as well. The conference itself draws 28,000 visitors, the fair 110,000 trade visitors and 60,000 consumers. CELTH, Breda University of Applied Sciences, NHL Stenden ETFI and HZ University of Applied Sciences, dominated the tourist world news with two presentations.  

The keynote panel session, in collaboration with UNWTO, was titled Overtourism Revisited: Best Demonstrated Practices Instead Of “Business As Usual”. Dr Albert Postma (representing CELTH, and NHL Stenden\ETFI) was one of the panel experts reflecting on the topic.  “Tourism brings people a lot of good,” explained Prof Albert Postma. Sustainable tourism has been a topic of discussion for several years. Now, however, people are asking whether the economy can handle it alone and who the agents of change will be: “Who will take responsibility?”

The second session was moderated by Dr Ko Koens (representing CELTH and BUAS) in collaboration with Dr Manuel Butler Halter (Executive Director, UNWTO). During the session, the cities of Amsterdam, Barcelona and Porto shared their experiences with regard to Overtourism: Smart Control Via Digital Technologies.

In the ITB Newspaper of the first day an interview was published with Secretary-General Pololikashvili of the UNWTO in which he speaks about the handbook and the UNWTO-partners: CELTH, BUas en NHL Stenden. The ITB has been an important step in the future collaboration with the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and ETOA European Association of Tour Operators.