The quality of study choice information must never be compromised

27 March 2019

From 28 January to 24 March, the annual National Student Survey (NSE) of Studiekeuze123 was held at Breda University of Applied Sciences. The NSE is a large-scale national survey inviting all students enrolled in higher education to give their views about their degree programme.

This year, implementation of the National Student Survey (NSE) of Studiekeuze123 has led to implementation problems, as a result of which reliability and quality of NSE results cannot be guaranteed. The Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences concludes that there are serious shortcomings in the accuracy of response data and that further analysing the data will result in misleading study choice information for prospective students. In consultation with all universities of applied sciences, it has therefore been decided to end our participation in the NSE for this year.

BUas very much regrets this because all parties involved, and not in the least all BUas students, have invested time and effort to bring the survey to a meaningful conclusion this year again. However, for Breda University of Applied Sciences it is very important that correct and right information should be provided to prospective students and that meaningful feedback to BUas is provided. The students enrolling in the coming academic year will be able to access the data resulting from last year’s National Student Survey.

About Studiekeuze123 and the NSE

In consultation with institutes of higher education, the ministry of OCW commissioned Studiekeuze123 to organise the National Student Survey. The NSE is an important tool for internal quality assurance at schools and information for prospective students. Students are asked to fill in a questionnaire and share their views about various aspects: programme content, acquired skills, preparations for a professional career, lecturers, information provided by faculty, study facilities, testing and assessment, timetables, study load and coaching.

NSE results usually assist prospective students in their process of choosing a suitable degree programme. Studiekeuze123 is primarily responsible for organising and implementing the NSE and so, for the quality of the data. Studiekeuze123 must make a reasonable case for the data meeting the usual requirements of validity and reliability.

More information: website Vereniging Hogescholen (in Dutch)