Quality mark for degree programmes in Keuzegids Hbo 2019

4 October 2018

Breda University of Applied Sciences achieved high scores in Keuzegids Hbo 2019. No fewer than three degree programmes - International Facility Management, Hotel Management and Creative Media and Game Technologies - were awarded a Keuzegids quality mark. This means that these degree programmes have received the designation ‘Top-rated programme’ and are among the best in the Netherlands in their respective categories.

Continuous investments in high quality of education

Keuzegids Hbo 2019 is the most important independent league table which assesses and compares the quality of higher education programmes in the Netherlands, thus helping students to make informed choices about where to study. Degree programmes are ranked on the basis of various criteria, such as academic success, curriculum content, the quality of lecturers and educational facilities, and preparation for a career in the field in which students wish to graduate.

“We are extremely proud that the degree programmes of Breda University of Applied Sciences received these high scores and are rated among the best in the country. We take this as a huge compliment and as an incentive to keep investing in the high quality of education that we want to offer our students,” says Dr Elisabeth Minnemann, president of the Executive Board of Breda University of Applied Sciences. “Our new state-of-the-art campus, where we are creating a diverse, inclusive and international learning and working environment, definitely contributes to this. We are developing a contemporary campus where we prepare our students for successful careers in their future fields.”

Three degree programmes among the best in the Netherlands

Degree programmes with a score of more than 75 points are awarded the designation ‘Top-rated programme’. This year, there are 149 degree programmes of this type in the Keuzegids. They have been awarded a special quality mark, so that the high quality of education can be recognised by students instantly. The quality of education of no fewer than four programmes of Breda University of Applied Sciences – International Facility Management, Hotel Management and Creative Media and Game Technologies -  has been rated as ‘very good’.

Best programmes in their respective categories

In addition, the degree programmes of Creative Business and Logistics Management of Breda University of Applied Sciences have been rated as best programmes in their respective categories. Logistics Management shares first place with NHL Stenden University of Applied Sciences. Moreover, an impressive seven of the nine degree programmes offered by Breda University of Applied Sciences received above-average scores for how they prepare students for their professional careers.

Best programmes in the category of specialist education

Apart from earning good results in Keuzegids Hbo 2019, Breda University of Applied Sciences also scored well in Beste Studies 2018, a league table published annually by Elsevier magazine. Items covered in the Elsevier ranking include which degree programmes students are the most satisfied with, where the best lecturers are working, and which degree programme offers the best international opportunities to students. Together with HAS University of Applied Sciences, Breda University of Applied Sciences has landed a shared first place in this ranking in the category of universities of applied sciences offering specialist education.

Information about Elsevier and Keuzegids

Elsevier and Keuzegids are the only two parties in the Netherlands to publish annual rankings of the best degree programmes, the best universities of applied sciences and the best research universities.

More information about the rankings

The Elsevier ranking is based on one question from the National Student Survey (NSE): how satisfied are you with your study programme in general? The balance of the number of programmes that score significantly better or worse than the average of higher professional or university education is divided by the number of programmes assessed. The total score determines your position in the ranking.

Student opinions constitute 60% of the Keuzegids rankings (source: NSE), but they also take into account figures on academic success, contact hours, and expert opinions (based on degree programme accreditations).

The methodology of the Keuzegids ranking of institutions is as follows:

  • The score of each programme of an institution is compared to the average of its own category. This results in a ‘difference score’ (verschilscore)
  • Each programme is weighted according to their student intake number
  • The score of an institution is the sum of the difference score multiplied by the weighting factor for all study programmes.

The rankings therefore use different methods and also have different classifications. That is why we have a shared first place in Elsevier in the category of specialist universities of applied sciences and a fourth place in Keuzegids in the category of medium-sized universities of applied sciences.

The value lies in the fact that, in this way, prospective students can compare degree programmes on various aspects.