New collaboration agreement with De Rooi Pannen

3 October 2019


The tailor-made track Media/Creative Business is a fact. On 2 October BUas signed a collaboration agreement with De Rooi Pannen Tilburg.

We have been working together for some time now with the mbo programme of Marketing & Evenementen of De Rooi Pannen Tilburg. A tailor-made ‘Evenementen’ track has already been established together with the professional bachelor’s programme Leisure & Events Management. And now there is also a ‘Marketing’ variant in cooperation with the professional bachelor’s programme Creative Business, made official on 2 October 2019 as the tailor-made track Media/Creative Business by Tiny Pheninckx, deputy director of De Rooi Pannen, and Elisabeth Minnemann, president of the Executive Board of BUas.


What are the specific details of this new tailor-made track?
The new tailor-made track Media/Creative Business consists of two parts: two years of studying at De Rooi Pannen, followed by two years at BUas. This enables students to earn both an mbo diploma and an hbo degree within five years’ time. De Rooi Pannen Tilburg trains its students for the position of marketing and communication officer. In the first year of study, students set to work on media projects, such as writing and promoting their own children’s book and developing their own communication platform. Moreover, they work on assignments aimed at preparing them for the final mbo exam. Examples include carrying out market research or writing a project plan for an external industry client. In the second year, students take on the role of producers and make their own short film. They go through the entire process, from conceiving a subject and writing a script to filming and producing their graduation film. Of course, students themselves are responsible for promoting their production as well as for the premiere during the concluding film festival.  

During the mbo part, the students are already introduced to project-based and practice-oriented studying. What’s more, they attend several first-year hbo courses in this part, which will make the transition to hbo easier, increasing the chance of study success in hbo. After obtaining their mbo diploma, the media students from De Rooi Pannen move on to the second year of our English-taught hbo bachelor’s programme Creative Business. 


Learning can actually be this real 
Tiny Pheninckx and Elisabeth Minnemann know from experience that it is a good match: De Rooi Pannen and BUas. De Rooi Pannen presents itself as an institution with the slogan: Zo echt kan leren zijn (Learning can actually be this real). A clear reference to the entrepreneurial and practice-oriented nature of education. A small scale is also something that characterises De Rooi Pannen. And this obviously ties in seamlessly with everything that BUas is. Or, as Tiny Pheninckx emphasises, “We view education in the same way!”