On 7 December, BUas lecturer Harald Warmelink and Magali Gonçalves led a full-day course on Marine/Maritime Spatial Planning to marine ecosystem modelling professionals and students at the international Ecopath35 conference.

They did so by facilitating a simulation gaming session with the North Sea edition of the MSP Challenge simulation platform.

Missed it?

If you missed this session, the MSP Challenge simulation platform has been developed since 2016 by the Cradle R&D lab of the Academy for Games and Media under the professorship of Igor Mayer. For more information, check out this previous Insight item and video.


The impact of MSP Challenge inside and outside of BUas has been quite profound. With over 20 sessions and over 300 participants, we have been applying MSP Challenge all over Europe and beyond to help stakeholders, planners and students get to grips with MSP. We were also able to deliver two Summer School weeks to over 20 students of BUas’ International Spatial Development (ISD) programme offered by Built Environment thanks to the Erasmus+ project SP-MSP. This will be continued and strengthened thanks to the new Erasmus+ project Knowledge Flows running for the next three years. MSP will indeed be integrated into the ISD programme more and more in the next few years.  

MSP Challenge interconnects with Ecopath with Ecosim models of marine ecosystems. The benefit of this is that MSP Challenge users and players can evaluate the marine ecosystem impacts of their spatial plans (e.g. a new offshore wind farm). In turn, ecosystem modellers have another way to ensure that their models are actually applied outside of academia. Our successful collaboration with ecosystem modellers led to the invitation to provide the MSP course using MSP Challenge in Florida.  


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