Dr. Jorrit (J.K.) Snijder has been appointed as President of the BUas Executive Board, with effect from 15 October 2020. He will be succeeding Elisabeth Minnemann, who left BUas in August 2020. 

Jorrit Snijder is currently Managing Director of the Executive Board of University College Roosevelt (UCR), and has held that position since 2008. UCR is a university college offering intensive courses in a wide range of academic disciplines in liberal arts and science, with a high proportion of international students. Before that he was Section Chief Research Master Programmes of the Accreditation Organisation for Higher Education of the Netherlands and Flanders (NVAO) and lecturer in Public Administration at Leiden University/Campus The Hague. He was a member of the Consortium of Higher Education Researchers (CHER) and was strategic advisor for higher education institutes in Japan.

Jorrit (44, married, 2 children) studied Public Administration at Leiden University (Master), with an internship in Denmark (University of Aarhus), and obtained his PhD in Higher Education Policy Studies at the University of Twente in 2016. Additional positions of Jorrit Snijder are Chairman of the Board of Trustees for care organisation WVO-Zorg and member of the Economic Board Zeeland.

Jorrit Snijder about his appointment: “Learning, researching and entrepreneurship. It is that attitude that appealed to me particularly during my introductions to BUas on its beautiful campus in Breda. It is an absolute honour for me to join Breda University of Applied Sciences as President. I look forward to meeting students and lecturers as well as BUas industry partners, research partners and other BUas stakeholders.”

Erwin van Lambaart, BUas Supervisory Board Chair: “We are extremely pleased with the appointment of Jorrit as President of the BUas Executive Board. Not only is he highly experienced as a director in the higher education field, he is also capable of pursuing excellence in a connecting way. He values innovation combined with business thinking and is extremely motivated to, together with Nico van Os, lead our strong international institute in the coming years and further shape and implement our long-term strategy.”

BUas Supervisory Board