The Ocean Building of Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) at Mgr. Hopmansstraat will start this academic year with a new look. Commissioned by Blind Walls Gallery and BUas, the Breda-based design duo Rob and Robin has been working on a mural painting on the building in the past few weeks.

Photo: Rob Lipsius

Blind Walls Gallery, BUas, and Rob and Robin went on a joint quest for a suitable theme for the mural. The mural, or Blind Wall in other words, adorns the Ocean Building of BUas, where the Leisure & Events Management degree programme is situated. The mural’s theme therefore had to have something to do with leisure activities and the organisation of events. An iconic element, applicable to all facets of the Leisure & Events domain. Various elements were considered, such as festival wristbands, post-its, or objects used while playing sports. In the end, the lanyard was chosen as a symbol of the events industry.  

Lanyards are used for various purposes within the Leisure & Events industry. At most events, event planners, employees and volunteers wander around the grounds wearing a lanyard around their neck, dangling keys, access passes or time schedules. The design by Rob and Robin meanders over the entire facade of the Ocean Building, between and around windows and doors. 

Last year, BUas and Blind Walls Gallery also worked together on murals in the staircases inside the Ocean Building. These paintings were designed by illustrator Hedof, also from Breda.