BUas launches a new minor programme in Esports Event & Media Management

11 March 2019

BUas is the first institute in Dutch higher education to offer a minor in the field of esports management. This is the term that is used in the context of people taking part in computer game competitions.

BUas is the designated institute to launch the minor Esports Event & Media Management. This institute distinguishes itself, for example through its expertise in the fields of games, concept design, imagineering, experience design, event management and media design. This minor programme will enable students to get to know this new industry as insiders. The minor starts in September 2019.

Esports is growing worldwide. It is expected that the income generated by esports will be 1,650 million dollars in 2021. The Netherlands is also witnessing a rapid growth of esports. In 2018, the Netherlands had over 1.8 million visitors watching esports competitions online. Popular esports events are Rotterdam Games Week (Dreamhack Rotterdam), Tweakers Gaming Live, Dutch Comic Con, CampZone and Frag-o-Matic. In Europe, bachelor’s programmes in the field of esports management were already launched in Finland, France and the United Kingdom. BUas is the first education institute in the Netherlands that is going to train esports professionals.

Learning community
At first, only students of the domains of Media and Leisure & Events are admitted to this minor programme. BUas eventually intends to admit students from other education institutes as well to this minor programme. They will be challenged to create solutions and innovate things in such a way that they can act as links between various domains, as a result of which an experience is created online and offline, thus enabling these channels to strengthen each other.

BUas will embed the minor programme in a learning community in which students, knowledge institutes and companies exchange knowledge and develop new innovations. The esports industry is going to play an important part as a partner in this learning community. One of the advantages of a learning community is that all parties involved will invest time and effort in the degree programme in the long term. This will enable BUas to invest in long-term relationships with the stakeholders who are actively involved in this promising sector.

Elisabeth Minnemann, President of the Executive Board, is proud of the fact that BUas attracts esports to Breda. “It is very special that we are the first education institute in the Netherlands to offer the minor Esports Event & Media Management. We play a pioneering role in higher education, with an offering that distinguishes itself by its small-scale and high-quality programmes. By working closely together with companies, we are able to spot trends at an early stage, and respond to them quickly.