Arriva Nederland and BUas team up

30 November 2018

Passenger transport is drastically changing these days. The cause? A shifting balance between work, study and time off, a growing importance of social media and increasing prosperity. This is a challenge shouting for a different, more integrated approach. And that is exactly why yesterday Arriva Nederland and Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) launched the new learning community ‘People on the Move’.

Arriva, part of Deutsche Bahn, is a leading company providing public transport in 14 European countries. In the Netherlands, Arriva has more than 6,000 employees. Within People on the Move, BUas and Arriva will be charting all new developments concerning passenger transport. In the coming four years (the duration of this project) they will share knowledge via joint study projects, work placements, guest lectures, etc.

“People’s mobility needs are changing. Meanwhile, the pressure on existing mobility is increasing. So, the key question here is: how can we keep our customers happy and our operational management efficient while designing complex new mobility systems?”, lecturer of Built Environment Geert de Leeuw proposes. “Furthermore, young people possibly are the most significant public transport users today and it is they who will inherit the outcomes of decisions taken today.” A sound reason to involve the next generation in developing the passenger transport of the future.

Essential youth
“Companies need to get rid of old conventions; profit as a strategy is outdated. Nowadays, young people have other motivations such as sustainability and responsibility and it is my conviction that young people are essential in order for a company to function properly”, according to Anne Hettinga, chairman of the board of Arriva Nederland. He adds: “This cooperation with BUas gives Arriva the opportunity to translate the knowledge present within the Academy for Urban Development, Logistics and Mobility (ULM) to the public transport sector. At the same time, we can boost BUas’ education and research. And as a result, our society will also profit from this collaboration.”

Programme  manager Ruud Weijmans of ULM: “Eventually this will lead to an inspiring and interactive environment for our students and lecturers in which they will be challenged to take part in an international network of top specialists. One of the first projects will involve students being able to have a part-time job alongside their studies. According to the general specifications, students are given the opportunity to obtain their bus driving licence at Arriva, allowing them to put their experience to the test and earn a little extra money as well.”

The central theme of People on the Move’s first project is ‘Youth for Multimodal Mobility’ (Y4M3). The brand-new learning community is completely in line with the experience of the worldwide Youth for Public Transport network (Y4PT) which is specifically aiming for the innovation of public transport. BUas has taken part in Y4PT since 2017.

Virtually no borders
The new learning community will be closely working together with other disciplines of the educational institution. For instance, in the development of new services for passengers in cooperation with the hospitality programme, or in shaping better (virtual) experiences for the future passenger transport in collaboration with the games department: In the same year BUas joined Y4PT, it won the European Transport Innovation award with a virtual reality bicycle experience application.