Studium Generale: Popular culture, identity and male-female stereotype

14 March 2019


To what extent does popular culture determine our image of ourselves? Which message do film, popular comedy series and fairy tales such as Bridget Jones and Friends communicate about femininity, masculinity, (sexual) identity, romantic love, relationships and marriage? 

  • Date: 14 March 2019 from 11:50 to 13:30
  • Lecture theme: Popular culture, identity and male-female stereotypes
  • Lecturer: Dr. Linda Duits

Our speaker, Linda Duits, an expert on the interferences between media, meaning and identity, and a sought-after speaker who featured in many TV talk shows and on different podia, will tackle these questions and challenge us to critically reflect on the way we see ourselves and others, ánd consider the role the media plays in that.

Are we really that susceptible to the message that stories convey to us? Do we really mould our personal identities and relationships in analogy of those images? If this is true: can we then call ourselves authentic human beings after all? 

Linda Duits

About the speaker

Linda Duits (Zeist, 1976) is an independent social scientist specialised in popular culture. This means she is interested in the interplay between media, meaning and identity. Linda teaches freelance at several universities, currently at the department of Media Studies at Utrecht University. Previously, she worked for the University of Amsterdam, The Hague University of Applied Sciences and Erasmus University Rotterdam. 

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