Working on an international campus in Breda

At the Breda University of Applied Sciences campus we find one another, we inspire and motivate each other to discover in order to get to something new together. Curious? If so, keep reading or check out our vacancies.

At BUas it is about your world. Whether you are looking for a programme to study, are one of our students, an employee or a graduated professional wishing to collaborate with us on knowledge development or research - your personal and professional development is what counts. 

A strong element in our community is the diversity and the cross-cultural environment, which enables thought beyond your own (cultural) frameworks and across boundaries. This diversity is not just reflected in our international community, but also in our domains. Although each of these have their own specific identity, they are related to each other as well. This encourages the creation of connections and crossovers which contribute to the Breda University of Applied Sciences brand. 

Breda University of Applied Sciences, previously known as NHTV Breda, stands for knowledge development, research and (executive) bachelor's and master's programmes at professional and academic level in the domains of:

  • Built Environment
  • Facility
  • Games
  • Hotel
  • Leisure & Events
  • Logistics
  • Media
  • Tourism