Bachelor of Science Tourism Eyecatchers


In year 1 of your studies, you will carry out a quantitative research project together with a group of fellow students. You will conduct this research in the Netherlands, looking at a specific topic within tourism. Examples include media use, over-tourism and spending patterns.  

In the second year, you are challenged to look at how tourism developments can improve the quality of life at tourist destinations. This research is conducted at a foreign destination and has an interdisciplinary and intercultural aspect.

Academic research

During this academic degree programme you will gain a lot of experience in academic research. Because of the collaboration with one of the leading research institutes in the Netherlands - Wageningen University & Research - and the small scale of the programme, you will have the opportunity to work together with lecturers and professors on interesting research projects they are curently working on.   

Below you will find a few examples of research themes:    

  • Sustainable Tourism Research, this research explores the role of sustainable tourism research in the mobility, climate change and aviation debate. 
  • Tourism and Plastics in Marine Environments, a case study on the Ban of Single Use Plastic on Isole Tremiti, Italy. 
  • Research on emotions and quality of life in tourist experiences. 
  • Creating the destination of tomorrow, this research assesses the impacts of climate change on the Harz tourism system and how its resources become vulnerable and aims to find feasible adaptation methods to increase destination resilience.