Our story: Discover your World

The story of Breda University of Applied Sciences starts with imagination.

Only when you can imagine that the earth might not be flat, that there could be other overseas continents, or that something could actually work, will you be capable of taking truly new directions, venturing into new territory and discovering wonderful things.

Discover …

The word ‘discover’ in our slogan is expressed in the billowing sail in our logo and in the globe that has been travelling along in our trademark for quite some time now. It leads back to our roots. We started pioneering higher education programmes in Tourism and Leisure in Breda in 1966, and in these fields, we are currently the largest and leading education institute in the world. Discovery allows you to keep learning and growing. The propulsive motion in the sail symbolises progress and, ultimately, growth.

Now that we have reached 2020, we have grown into an international knowledge and education institute, committed to forging close ties with related fields of study and with the international professional field. Breda University of Applied Sciences is all about knowledge development, research, as well as professional and academic bachelor’s and master’s education (both part-time (executive) and full-time) in the domains of:

  • Built Environment
  • Data Science & AI
  • Facility
  • Games
  • Hotel
  • Leisure & Events
  • Logistics
  • Media
  • Tourism

Breda University of Applied Sciences wants to become an internationally renowned institute of top academic quality in the aforementioned domains. We will be able to achieve this thanks to the unique and valuable connections we have with the industry. We undertake our endeavours in close cooperation with the industry and the professional field. Together with our students and experts, we partner with the front-runners in the industry and with them we work on innovations and research. During this journey, we keep discovering new possibilities, new solutions and new worlds together.

… your World

Your world is an important world to us. Whether you are a prospective student, current student or staff member, or want to work - as a graduated professional - together with us on knowledge development and research. Your personal and professional development counts. In our small-scale and internationally oriented campus environment, we encourage your development. We meet, share ideas and inspire each other in order to discover, enabling us to create new answers and insights together.

Diversity in a cross-cultural setting is a distinct asset in our community, which facilitates thinking outside our own (cultural) frameworks and across borders. This diversity is not only reflected in the international composition of our community, but also in the diversity of our domains and their respective unique cultures. Domains with their own identity, but all related to each other, giving rise to all sorts of connections and crossovers which ultimately contribute to one strong brand: Breda University of Applied Sciences.