Improving tourism human resources

The Tourism Polytechnic of South Sulawesi province's capital of Makasar collaborates with Breda University of Applied Science to work together to improve the quality and competency of Indonesian tourism human resources, especially lecturers and students.

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  • Cooperation with Thermo Fisher

    Breda University of Applied Sciences cooperates on augmented and virtual reality research with Thermo Fisher Scientific

    In early July, Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) signed an agreement with the Central Service Department of the Material and Structural Analysis Division of Thermo Fisher Scientific to research how augmented and virtual reality (AR&VR) can be applied to electron microscopy training and remote assistance.

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  • Serious Fun

    Together with alumni, industry partners, students and lecturers, Breda University of Applied Sciences celebrated the fifth anniversary of the international study track of Attractions & Theme Parks Management (ATPM) last week.

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  • Opportunities development careers professionals

    CLC-VECTA and CELTH start research into opportunities for professionals working in the live communication sector to advance their careers.

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  • A debate on the future and growth of the aviation sector

    The aviation sector is growing at an incredible rate. The image of aviation, however, is under pressure. So last week, the Aviation and Business Travel Symposium focused on the limits to growth in the sector, with the focus on the consequences of growth for the (business) traveller. The symposium was organised by Breda University of Applied Sciences for the fifteenth time.

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