Opening XR Stage - Buas door College van Bestuur van BUas samen met partner ROE Visual

Festive launch of the Extended Reality (XR) stage

Thursday 14 April was the festive launch of our Extended Reality (XR) stage! 

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  • CELTH develops Agenda Conscious Destinations

    CELTH has put together a multi-year knowledge agenda for the hospitality domain and will invest one and a half million euros in it over the next three years. Knowledge on five urgent themes is being developed around Conscious Destination. (Knowledge) partners are challenged to co-invest and thereby strengthen the much-needed knowledge foundation under the hospitality domain.

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  • BUas celebrates its 55th anniversary with a smashing Celebration Week

    From 18 through 21 May 2022 it is time to officially open the beautiful BUas campus in Breda and celebrate our 55+ anniversary together!

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  • Consumers want more sustainable travel

    It's up to the sector and government

    Sustainable tourism remains a utopia if governments and the sector, as a united front, do not achieve behavioural change. Most groups of travellers are aware of the importance of more sustainable travel but are not yet making that choice, except for the so-called 'Frontrunners'.

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  • Stichting Rho graduation award

    Breda University of Applied Sciences (BUas) and Rho Adviseurs are proud to announce the ‘Stichting Rho graduation award’ for the Built Environment bachelor’s programme. 

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