Executive Leadership Program

Becoming a resilient travel and hospitality industry leader.

Have you been working as a travel or hospitality professional for several years now and are you ready for the next step in your career?

The program

The Executive Leadership Program has been especially developed for high potential professionals in the travel industry from a unique collaboration between Breda University of Applied Sciences and Pennsylvania State University, United States. This is your chance to benefit from the knowledge and experience of these two leading hospitality institutes.


What's in it for you?

You will discover and further develop your personal leadership style, learn how to communicate with and manage intercultural teams, find out how the Imagineering method can guide you through new concept development and learn all about the principles of strategic management and business model innovation. 


Dates of this program will follow when the program is completely developed.



'During the Executive Leadership Program I learned that you have to keep developing yourself constantly. The world is not standing still, it is constantly changing and we have to change with it. Not only as a person, but also as a company. The program also answered questions such as: how do you communicate with the outside world in a businesslike way? A recommendation of a program where the visit to Penn State University was a great experience! "

Joost Hasperhoven (BARIN)
Executive Leadership Program (ELP) 2012 alumni