Ask a student

Are you wondering what student life is like at Breda University of Applied Sciences, or do you have any questions about living in the Netherlands?

Ask a Student allows you to hear from BUas students Sandra, Cecile, Marina, and others and learn from their experience of their studies at our university of applied science.


"Talking to students and visiting an open day provide the best impression of the atmosphere at a school."

Sanne is a Leisure & Events student. She is from the Netherlands


"Asking questions to students is the best way to get to know a school and its programmes."

Lisanne is a Tourism Management student. She is from the Netherlands.


"For all of you who are still deciding to make this big step: just do it, it will be so worth it."

Sandra is a Creative Business student. She is from Estonia.


"Talking with students from BUas helped me to make my choice for this degree programme."

Cecile is a Bachelor of Science Leisure Studies student. She is from the Netherlands.


"All the questions you have are just an email away with this opportunity. I advise you to do so."

Marina is a Facility Management student. She is from Bulgaria.


"My teachers always say that the students who dare to ask questions are the best ones."

Siobhan is Creative Media and Game Technologies student. She is from the Netherlands




"Choosing the right school is just as important as the right study/education."

Ayla is a Hotel Management student. She is from the Netherlands.


"If you prepare yourself well, you know better what to expect."

Elmira is Built Environment student. She is from the Netherlands.



"A nice atmosphere at school is just as important as enjoying the degree programme."

Marloes is logistics student. She is from the Netherlands.



"Let me highlight different perspectives, setting you on your right path."

Sofia is an Master Imagineering student. She is from the Netherlands