Imagineering Learning Community

One of the educational pillars of BUas is the development of learning communities. The Master Imagineering is currently experimenting in what ways they can feed their learning community consisting of alumni, current students, industry partners, but also prospect students from all over the world.

An important aspect of the learning community is that the members are enabled to deepen their knowledge on a shared topic of passion through an ongoing interaction. What ties them all together, of course, is their interest in Imagineering. Moreover, through their professional practices each member of our network is involved in the evolution of Imagineering. At the Master Imagineering knowledge and insights develop, but also our alumni apply Imagineering in their professional practices at different corners of the globe. It would therefore be a great opportunity to be connected and gain insight on how Imagineering practices and knowledge evolve in various cultural and professional contexts. There is so much we can learn from each other or inspire each other with! 


The challenge is however how to facilitate these connections? How to facilitate mutual learning and inspiration between alumni in Indonesia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Colombia, The Netherlands, Germany, etc. ? Because the alumni can be found world-wide!  The Master Imagineering has therefore taken upon the idea to develop an online magazine of which the content is created by or in collaboration with Imagineering community members. 


One element of the online magazine would be sharing podcasts. They have started to experiment with this and now proudly present their first podcast in the series "Imagineering across borders". The master had the opportunity to interview Itamar Olimpio from Brazil. Itamar did the Master Imagineering in the year 2010-2011 and together with Clara Bianchini (also an alumnus from the same year) they started their own company Co-Viva located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Co-Viva is a collaborative innovation consultancy that supports and facilitates companies and organizations in their way to innovation. So, they literally brought Imagineering across borders! Being curious about Itamar's story? Ready to learn and be inspired? Please listen the podcast here.


The master now got a taste for it and they are in the midst of planning to record the next podcast. 

Let's build this learning community together!