Studium Generale

6 december 2018


Innovation between start-ups and green scale-ups: the case of LG Sonic

Date: 6 December 2018 from 11:50 to 13:30
Place: Mgr. Hopmanstraat 2, Breda. Room H01.017
Speaker: Mr. Yousef

Lecturer: Mr. Yousef



Lecture theme: Innovation between start-ups and green scale-ups: the case of LG Sonic

Mr Yousef carries a large bag full of intense personal experiences, spanning being a Syrian refugee who lived in a centre for asylum seekers for ten years to being the CEO of a company which is a leading example of what a green innovative SME can achieve.

He applies his passion for green scale-ups to the new ‘oil’ of the future: water. His company provides an environmentally friendly solution to monitor and control algae and biofouling in lakes, drinking water reservoirs and other applications by making use of ultrasound technology.

Who is the man? What is his dream? What is LG Sonic’s business model? What are the features of responsible, green and sustainable innovators?

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